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Types Of Basmati Rice In The Market

Posted by Admin on August, 13, 2020

Basmati rice is a type of long white rice which is grown in India, the Himalayas and Pakistan. India produces the world's two-third of Basmati rice. It is rice which has a long grain and it is also characterised by its floral aroma and slightly nutty flavour. Pusa basmati rice exporters Surat are pretty known for their great quality rice supply.

Difference Between Basmati Rice And Jasmine Rice-

  • People often get mixed up between the basmati rice and jasmine rice. But both are different, as rice can be categorized by its size, into three groups, long, medium and short-grain.
  • Basmati and jasmine rice particularly falls under the long grain. The jasmine rice is much more famous among the Southeast Asian countries like Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam etc.
  • The Pusa Basmati rice exporters Surat are renowned for supplying much less sticker rice than the Jasmine rice. The basmati rice has cleaner grains, fluffier and has much lesser starch than jasmine rice.

The Two Types Of Basmati Rice-

  • The basmati rice can be typically found in brown and white varieties. Among these two, it’s the white basmati which is much easier to find than the brown basmati rice. But now you will find many such health stores that sell brown basmati rice too.
  • The brown basmati rice is a stiffer texture, high in fibre content, also has an intense and nuttier flavour.
  • Also, the brown basmati rice takes much longer to get cooked than the usual white basmati rice. Pusa Basmati rice exporters Surat supply great quality rice.

Common Basmati Rice Types-

  • Super Kernel Basmati Rice- This basmati rice is India's most exotic rice variety. This rice type is famous for its beautiful strong fragrance, nutritional value and great taste.
  • White Sella Basmati rice- This basmati rice can be very organically found all around India. It has a strong texture and smells to it, along with that the rice becomes even longer its size after getting cooked. Even after getting cooked the rice doesn’t get stuck to each other.
  • Pusa Basmati Rice- This rice is majorly found in India, it is long-grain rice. The leading producers of this basmati rice are Punjab, Haryana and these North Indian states. The Pusa Basmati rice exporters surat supply great quality rice, it is much slender and thinner grain rice when cooked.
  • Steam Basmati Rice- This is a pretty popular Basmati rice type because of its beautiful pure white rice. When exposed to steam these rice grains increase in their size too. This rice is very nutritious and its also organically cultivated.
  • 121 Sella Basmati Rice- It is one of the longest and most incredible basmati rice which is available in the market. The rice is long and has a sweet aroma along with strong texture and yellow colour.

How To Store Basmati Rice?-

  • Basmati rice should be stored in an airtight container. And the container should be kept in a dark and cool place.
  • Also, you should use it within a span of a few months. If you want to store the rice for a longer period then you should put it in an airtight plastic or glass container and then put it in the freezer for a longer period of shelf life.

You can buy from the Pusa Basmati rice exporters Surat to get great quality rice.

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